Toggle pre-assembles and delivers rebar faster and safer than ever before.

Your order will arrive on time and ready to install.

Rebar details are imported into Toggle OS.
Order is sent to Toggle’s facility for production.
Rebar is pre-assembled on our Weaver Workcells.
Every assembly is tagged and inspected for quality.
Order is delivered to your jobsite.
Accelerate your build schedule.
No More Bottlenecks

Reinforced concrete is a critical building block for every large scale construction project.

Toggle’s patent-pending technology platform reduces unplanned delays by relying on robots for the most repetitive, dangerous, and error-prone tasks.

Toggle OS streamlines technical drawings, motion planning, and workflow management.
Toggle’s “Weaver Workcell” integrates industrial robots, custom tools and fixtures, safety systems, and skilled operators.
Modular, repeatable shapes balance efficiency and customization.
Experts handle the detailing, finishing, quality control, and delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Toggle is a supplier of pre-assembled (pre-tied and welded) rebar.

Yes. Toggle can partner with rebar suppliers and fabricators who would like to utilize our products and services to augment their own capabilities.

Toggle pre-assembles rebar for urban high rise, renewable energy, precast concrete, and civil construction customers. Our customers are typically concrete companies, GCs, and EPCs.

No. Toggle pre-assembles rebar offsite in a using state-of-the-art automation technology, then delivers it directly to your jobsite.

Toggle delivers pre-assembled rebar by truck up to 300 miles from our facilities in New York and Pennsylvania.

Toggle assembles cages, mats, and mesh in a variety of sizes. Common structural elements include columns, beams, vaults, and shear walls. Please contact us to discuss your specific project needs.

Toggle’s vertical construction customers save a day or more per floor, on average. Renewable energy and infrastructure customers can cut their rebar time by up to 90%.

No. Toggle uses industry-standard rebar; it’s just assembled faster and safer with our cutting-edge automation.

Although Toggle relies on robots to do the heavy lifting, every tie and weld is visually inspected by a construction expert to ensure it meets the highest standards.